Luxury Rattan Day Beds

Rattan day beds are a luxurious way in which to spend a lazy summer day! These rattan beds are supremely comfy and are bound to make your patio or garden the envy of all your neighbours. We ahve choice of designs for rattan day beds, our most popular is the Apple rattan day bed in Spain, we also have the Saturn rattan day bed and the Moon rattan day bed. Delivered Across Spain, Costa Blanca, costa del Sol, And all other Areas of mainland spain and the islands. Other popular products include Havanna rattan furniture range, Arizona rattan furniture range, all rattan furniture sets in Spain.

Luxury Rattan Day Bed in Spain

Luxury Rattan Day Beds


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Fiji Spartan Day Bed

BIG CORE weave is hand woven and uses a mixture of 12, 14 and 16mm core weave to give a striking,
natural appearance that catches the eye wonderfully …

comfort, style and relaxation.

protected aluminium frame the units are perfect for regular outdoor use all year round 

The Purchase Price does not include the Coffee

Dining table 
this can be purchased separately 

€5,995.14 Price

Helios, Apple Day Bed

Helios is the greek word for sun. This apple day bed is ideal for 2 people to relax in the sun or shade, Made from outdoor rattan. The two part top rotates to let the sun shine in what ever the direction. Price includes seat cushions & scatters,

€3,995.95 Price

Sega Weave Apple Day Bed -

The Apple Day Bed Sega Weave looks great in this sandy colour and has a removable, ‘stalk,’ on the top
Hugely popular With more than enough room for two to four people, his top part of the frame rotates 360 degrees on a sturdy aluminium frame allowing you to follow the sun all day long and there’s even a pull-out shelf inside to hold the drinks, magazines, etc.

€4,496.95 Price

Montana Apple Day Bed

Hand woven in our stunning Montana Water-Hyacinth Weave …

The iconic design of the Apple Day Bed simply oozes comfort, style and relaxation.

And the Montana weave on this one makes the design even more eye-catching and bespoke.

€4,498.95 Price

Midnight Montana Day Bed

 Apple Day Bed …

The brand new way to relax in a modern and contemporary style …

The Midnight Montana Range includes a 5 Year Retailer Guarantee as standard.

All our Apple Day Beds work to the same basic design with similar design features throughout

€4,619.94 Price

Pacific Rotating Sun Lounger

3 year guarantee on the Frame and Weave and a 2 year guarantee on the stunning Diamante Fabrics.

All frames are made from tough but lightweight aluminium making them great for use outdoors.

Premium Marine Grade Rattan ...

  • Laboratory Testing ensures its suitability for regular use in a wide range of temperatures, specifically from -20⁰C to +60⁰C.
€2,779.14 Price

Luxor Apple Day Bed

A new way to relax in a modern and contemporary style …

The Luxor Range includes a 3 year guarantee on the Frame and Weave and a 2 year guarantee on the Fabrics.


Diameter: 2m 
Height: 2.3m (including stalk) 
Internal seating area: 175cm diameter 
Internal area: 195cm diameter
Swivel top : 360 degrees 
Swivel base : 360 degree Turntable can be removed to use wheel base 6mm weave

€4,498.74 Price

Luxor Lounger

Luxor luxury daybed lounger, with shade, such beautiful style and elegance, or use as a standard 3 seater sofa
€2,084.55 Price

Fiji Magic Apple Day Bed

A unique and contemporary design.

The design also offers practicality as well as eye catching appeal. The top section can be closed with the cushion in it to form a compact pod complete with apple stalk

The price does not include a weather cover

€1,499.94 Price