Garden hammocks

Garden Furniture Spain's full range of Hammocks, include the popular Arc Swing Hammock and the Kingdom Hammock. As well as Double Hammock Beds are the best value found anywhere in Spain. Ideal for 'Chillaxing' in your garden or on your terrace. Hammocks in Spain are the must have accessory, order yours today from Garden Furniture Spain!!!

Garden hammocks

Garden hammocks


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Tropical Hangout

This is where it all started, the one and only Tropical Hangout | Original.

An ideal Hangout for you to enjoy with friends while having a delicious drink together,

listening to some music, or the perfect spot to let your imagination take you to a deserted tropical island.

€1,783.14 Price

Tropical Hangout | XL

This is the Tropical Hangout in its bigger form, ensuring even more comfort and relaxation.

There will be enough room for even more people to get comfortable in these hammocks.

So get your whole family together to hang out and enjoy the Tropical Hangout | XL.

You’ve been warned, once you get in you’ll never want to get out!

€2,095.14 Price

Tropical Hangout | Air-Chair

Are you looking for a hammock with a twist? Try out our Tropical |

Air-Chair with hang chairs! This Tropical Hangout is just as relaxing as the other Tropical Hangouts,

but provides a slightly different experience.

Get into your own personal hammock cocoon and use this space to take some time for yourself or interact with family and friends around you.

€2,155.14 Price

Rimini Swing Seat

Swing Seat has to be one of the most contemporary and unique designs we stock. The curved lines are easy on the eye and make it very inviting indeed. Fitted LED Lights under the canopy ...

It’s not difficult to imagine yourself relaxing on a warm sunny afternoon with a glass of your favourite tipple. Or even later on into the evening under the soft glow of the LED lights.

€959.94 Price

Find the best quality fabrics and comfortable swings with the choice of your size and shape and make your way to the sunny summer days. Get acquainted with highly recommendable garden hammock and swing your way to summer!

Varieties of option

If you are seeking comfort and best quality hammocks then our first guide is to know which one is available for your taste and corner. The best store offers a wide range of swing sets including stands. If you want to go with the conventional method of hanging garden swings from one tree to another in your garden, or in the rooftop garden area o your house then the perfect kind is available in all sizes and shapes. When it comes to choosing the type of set you want, there are also plenty of options.

Get hammocks for sale along with stand which can be customized according to your need and preference. The best stands come with weatherproof material withstanding wind and rain, whether it a metal stand or a wooden one. The quality gives protection as well as comfort to your body and comes with the guidance of how to hang it. The sets also come with a warranty and last longer than any other ordinary swings. Receive affordable hammock sets and relax in your own house!

Where to buy?

The most important selection is to choose style and colour and the best store offers outdoor garden hammock in varying colour patterns and styles. Darker colours are available which are more likely to cover dirt and dust, where lighter shades are less easily fade out in sun. Acquire high-quality hammocks from Garden hammocks and live a comfortable and fun lifestyle throughout the year.