Emerald hardwood range

Our Emerald parasols are made from a very durable hardwood called Nyatoh. Emerald parasols feature 38mm to 48mm diameter split poles with rain repellent, 100% 410gr spun polyester canopies, and all come with a weather cover to keep them in top condition all year round.

Emerald hardwood range


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Emerald FSC 2.1M Dia Parasol Emerald tilting parasol - 210cm diameter

Emerald FSC 2.1M Dia Parasol

The split pole is made from tough hardwood with a polished aluminium fitting and this makes it very easy to store when not required.

The canopy is operated with a double pulley system that spreads the pressure across the mechanism meaning it won’t fail with regular use.

€147.21 Price
Emerald parasol - 270cm diameter Emerald parasol - 270cm diameter

Emerald parasol - 270cm diameter

Fading in direct sunlight is prevented with the use of UV stabilisers and colour fast additives.

The decorative tufting around the finial looks great and adds that little attention to detail.

€149.12 Price

Emerald parasol - 300cm diameter

The 300cm Emerald range are great for commercial outlets and larger domestic dining areas.

The emerald range as a whole are some of our most popular parasols as they’re very stylish and highly practical in their design.

A tough hardwood split pole is finished with a polished aluminium centre-piece that’s rust free and looks great.

€193.95 Price