3.6m Square Coolaroo

3.6m Square Coolaroo


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Coolaroo are pioneers of the sail shade and sun protection fabrics, their sail shades come at 318gsm. Coolaroo Sail Shades are made from a polymer weave, available as squares and triangles in five colours -– desert sand, forest green, polar white, terracotta and bluestone
The Aussies know a thing or two about protection from the sun. These portable shades designed down under can be set up anywhere you need them.

Knitted Sail Shades give 90% UV protection, allowing you to relax underneath it without worrying about burning. Fix to walls, trees, fences, posts with our easy attachment accessories, Only Coolaroo Shade Sails feature Coolaroo's unique Commercial Grade knitted fabric specially designed to breathe. The result? It keeps you cooler. Manufactured by the world pioneers of the sail shade and sun protection fabrics.

Product Specification:
Available as 3.6m Equilateral Triangle, 5.0m Equilateral Triangle (each side is 3.6m or 5m); 3.6m Square, 5.4m Square (each side is 3.6m or 5.4m long).
They come with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee. The fabric alone carries a 5 year warranty against UV Degrading.

The sail shades are available in Six colours and two shapes: 

Polar WhiteDesert SandTerracottaCharcoalBlue Ocean
OL0015LT_main.jpg&w=120&h=80 Yellow%20-%20Triangle.jpg&w=96&h=120 OL0010S.jpg&w=120&h=90 CoolarooShadeSail_Triangle_Charcoal_500c CoolarooShadeSail_Triangle_OceanBlue_500
coolaroo_swatch_polarwhite.jpg&w=99&h=10 coolaroo_swatch_desertsand.jpg&w=99&h=10 coolaroo_swatch_terracotta.jpg&w=99&h=10 coolaroo_swatch_charcoal.jpg&w=99&h=100 coolaroo_swatch_blueocean.jpg&w=99&h=100






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